Thanksgiving, Praise, & Instruction

When you arrive, you will find a warm and friendly atmosphere.  We enjoy meeting guests.  We worship with traditional hymns, some modern songs, and inspiring videos.  We partake of the Lord's supper (communion) every Sunday.  Because we have  been delivered from sin by God's grace, we call ourselves to repentance and faithfulness.  9:30 AM & 6 PM.

Sunday School

Small Group Studies

Currently, at the 10:30 hour, we offer three adult Bible electives - Genesis, Acts, and Revelation.  These small groups provided a more relaxed atmosphere for learning.  It is a good time to ask questions and to engage in discussions. (Coffee and treats are offered as well. CoffeeUtensils) We will have one class during the summer (June through August).  Lessons will be teachers choice.

We have children's classes for all ages and age groups.   ChildBaby Carriage