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Who are We? Bible

We are a New Testament, independent, non-denominational church.  We are Christians in name only.  We call individuals to the teachings of Christ and the apostles.  We actually challenge seekers to turn from sin and turn to God.  We restore believers to New Testament Christianity by avoiding opinions, creeds, changing social trends.  We seek to follow the patterns of the early church in God's plan for salvation, in the leadership structure for the church, and the priorities for the believer.   

The Basics

What We Believe?

There is one God.  He is our Creator.  He reveals Himself in the Godhead - God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ is God's Son.  He is our Savior.  He sacrificed Himself on the cross so that we could attain forgiveness of sins.  He experienced a bodily resurrection and ascended into heaven.  He is returning for His church.

The Holy Spirit is the promised counselor, comforter, and helper.  He convicts of sin, dwells within every Christian,  intercedes when we pray, and produces in us Godly character traits.

The Bible is God's Word.  It is His will for our lives.  We submit to His absolute authority.

We are saved by grace when we believe in Christ, repent of our sins, confess the name of the Lord, and are baptized for the remission of our sins and the gift of the Holy Spirt.  

We attain heaven by being faithful to Christ.

We do not teach:

- Once saved, always saved

- Sinner's prayer

- Speaking in tongues

- Calvinism or Catholicism or traditions of men