"Desiring to Meet God's expectations"

Whistleville Christian Church



Morning Worship - 9:30 AM

Sunday School - 10:30 AM

Next Steps - 5 PM (Sept.-Nov.)

Evening Worship - 6 PM


Evening Worship - 6:30 PM

Alternate Phone 770-867-5746

circleemail  wccbcca@outlook.com

You are invited!

Upcoming Events

Christmas Concert

Dec. 18th

Time: 6 PM

Our friends from Lilburn Christian Church will be bringing their orchestra and choir.  Singers from Whistleville will join with them.  You will be blessed hearing songs of the Christmas season.  (Feel free to experience the musical and more at Lilburn Christian Church on December 11th.)

Christmas Day Worship

Dec. 25th

Special Time: 10:30 AM

A catered meal will follow at 11:30 AM.  The church is providing Honey Baked Hams, sides, and dessert.  There will be no other services on this day.

Staking of Memorial Prolife Crosses

Dec. 31st

Time: 9 AM (Weather Permitting.)

Every year, we stake these crosses as a reminder that abortions have occurred in our state and country.  We mourn these losses.  Life has been given to us by God.  He intended for the womb to be a safe place.  We realize many ladies regret their decision to have an abortion.  We want all to know that God heals, forgives, and offers new beginnings.

What to bring: Gloves and rubber mallet (or hammer).